About MK Weeden Construction

MK Weeden Construction, Inc. is the largest earth moving contractor in Montana and Wyoming, with projects throughout the western United States.

Our History

MK Weeden Construction, Inc. began as a small company in Lewistown, Montana in 1991 and was incorporated in 1994. Through a laboriously steady pace, Monte Weeden (owner/operator) has watched his company grow from six employees and one D6B Cat Dozer to one-hundred fifty employees and over two hundred pieces of equipment.

Monte’s first contract was digging a land fill, “basically a big hole for the local Lewistown landfill.” His original plan was to buy a, “Cheap D6, fix it up and sell it to the landfill company.” However, once he purchased the D6 it was soon agreed upon that Monte would complete the project himself, hence forth the beginning MK Weeden Construction, Inc.


Technology has changed since his original landfill job and his philosophy too has evolved into saving time, money and errors by utilizing technologically advanced tools and resources, which he says, “always results in higher-quality work.” However advanced the equipment though; the most important asset to Monte are his employees.


Monte has learned through experience that MK Weeden Construction, Inc. needs strong, professional, honest, hard-working employees, something Monte believes comes from, “treating good people the right way.” Employees are always a number one concern for Monte when contracting a project. He is well aware of the team effort and believes that MK Weeden Construction, Inc. would not be here today without the team.

“Hard work, integrity and dedication are always on the forefront,” Monte says. From the beginning in 1991 to unforeseen contractible work in the future, these permanent values compliment each and every project MK Weeden considers and agrees to complete.

Our Team

  • Monte Weeden, President

    Monte Weeden founded MK Weeden Construction in 1991, starting with one contract to dig a landfill for the city of Lewistown, Montana. Over the years, Monte watched his company grow from six employees and one dozer to more than 200 workers and hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment. MK Weeden is now the largest dirt-moving contractor in Montana and Wyoming, and is expanding its contracts to include the southwest U.S.

    Specializing in airport, road and heavy civil construction as well as mines and mine-reclamation projects, among others, Monte places emphasis on safety, integrity and hard work, and was featured on Terry Bradshaw’s MSNBC show “Winner’s Circle” for his unparalleled leadership. As the calculated, forward-thinking president of MK Weeden, Monte built his company from the ground up and places the highest value on one thing: his employees.

  • William “Skip” Lopuch, Safety Compliance Manager

    Keeping a close eye on jobsite best practices and safety measures is a key component to MK Weeden’s success, and Skip Lopuch ensures these critical components are followed at the workplace and on every job site. With expertise in safety compliance for work in oilfields, mining and construction in the private sector and for government entities, Skip thrives on his keen observation, motivation and an active commitment to accident prevention.

    Skip holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education from Montana State University, and early in his career mastered an understanding of safety audits, training and prevention including risk assessment, accident-trend analysis and worker compensation management. MSHA Certified, and an OSHA Outreach Instructor, Skip is also a First-Aid Instructor and has maintained detailed safety records and data, and compiled safety documentation for local, state and federal clients as well as private insurance companies. Skip’s team while at Beal Mountain Mining went over three years without a lost-time accident earning them the 1996 Small-Mine Sentinel of Safety Award.

  • Richard Vorpahl, Senior Project Manager

    With nearly 50 years of engineering and construction experience, Richard Vorpahl brings an expert approach and a keen eye to any project, no matter the size. A former design engineer, estimator, and heavy civil contractor for 36 years, he also spent 12 years managing environmental remediation contracts including work at voluntary, state lead, and CERCLA Superfund sites. Richard has in-depth experience managing government and private-sector contracts. His expertise includes estimating, project management, heavy equipment selection and contract administration, as well as dispute resolution and departmental and corporate management.

    Richard studied civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin, and has managed projects across North America and the Caribbean. Project types include highways, bridges, dams and mining; residential, commercial, industrial, and power plant sitework; contaminated soil, sediment, and water remediation; landfill construction (over 150 contracts), and championship-caliber golf courses. Over his long career, Richard has successfully completed more than $2 billion in contracts.

  • Mike Kindzerski, Senior Project Manager/Estimator

    In 20 years with MK Weeden, Mike Kindzerski has earned a reputation in the construction industry as one of the top estimators in the business. An expert in planning, budgeting, managing and documenting all project efforts, he takes pride in working closely with engineers and owners to ensure tasks are completed safely, on time and on budget.

    A detail-oriented visionary, Mike earned his bachelor’s of science degree in construction engineering technology from Montana State University, and has generated cost estimates for numerous construction jobs including heavy highway projects topping out at nearly $20 million. Having run his own trucking contracting business, Mike has a deep understanding for all aspects of heavy construction project work, from employee management and equipment selection to project quality, safety and profitability.

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